Indoor field hockey is an indoor variant of the “traditional” outdoor field hockey game.

The smaller, hard-surface and the use of sideboards makes game-play much faster. It is also both technically and physically great for skill development.

Indoor field hockey builds a specific skill set that will help to develop your game for the regular season. Any athlete looking to compete at an elite high school level or move on to play in college should consider playing indoor field hockey.

Playing indoor will result in quicker reaction time, sharper stick skills and an overall greater understanding of the game.  Indoor is played on a quick surface with 5 field players and a goalie. This unique game forces the athlete to think faster and play faster, ultimately elevating their overall game sense.

Indoor field hockey differs from outdoor field hockey in several ways:

  • The court is smaller than the outdoor field.
  • Side-boards mark the sidelines helping to keep the ball in play.
  • The goals are smaller than in outdoor field hockey.
  • The players may not ‘hit’ the ball, but only push it or deflect it, and may not raise the ball except in the shooting circle, with the purpose of scoring a goal.
  • Lighter and Thinner Stick
  • Left-handed indoor glove is required. Right Handed are recommended.



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